Friday, March 5, 2010

4 Ways to Eliminate Cellulite Naturally

There are many ways to eliminate cellulite naturally and permanently. The secret is knowing the difference between effective and ineffective natural cellulite cures. To help you avoid a lot of the trial and error -- this can allow you get started sooner rather than later -- here are 4 EFFECTIVE ways to eliminate cellulite naturally. Feast your eyes...

Techniques to Eliminate Cellulite Fast...

- Massage for Cellulite. If you want to eliminate cellulite naturally and easily, deep massage treatments are definitely the way to go. The cellulite massage remedy (normally done with a massaging tool) breaks up the cellulite into smaller chunks AND increases circulation & lymphatic drainage in the region. With these 3 things happening in unison, cellulite is completely defenseless.

- Use a Brush On Your Skin. Using a natural bristle dry skin brush, firmly brush the area of the skin affected by cellulite. Use powerful strokes for about 10 minutes, making sure each stroke is done evenly. As you can probably guess, this tip won't actually reduce cellulite. BUT, what this anti cellulite method WILL DO is make those lines and dimples from cellulite much harder to see.

- Fatty Fish With Fish Oils. If you don't know by now the colossal amounts of good fats contained in fish, well, you must be living in a cave. These super, body helping "fats" are able to improve skin health significantly, not to mention overall health. Can't stomach the thought of eating fish more than once a week? Then the answer is simple, start taking fish oil capsules.

- Light Weight Lifting. This does NOT have to be hardcore exercise or anything like that. All you'll be doing is some LIGHT, yet highly targeted weight lifting to sculpt areas of the body being, well, "eaten" by your nasty cellulite problem. This will help to build lean muscle mass and get rid of cellulite. Many cellulite sufferers don't realize that cellulite will not be able to "stick around" if the areas blood flow, circulation, and muscle is increased -- which is exactly what happens when you do fitness training. That's why cardio exercise is always recommended for cellulite removal -- it increases circulation & blood flow, both of which ruin the preferred habitat of cellulite.

There you have it, 4 of the best ways to eliminate cellulite naturally and quickly. They might not be instantaneous methods, but they will work so long as you give them a fair chance.

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